Friday, July 15, 2011

Price list for commissions



a)- A single character + simple clothes or naked + simple background (Solid colors or gradients, Abtract or no background + previous sketch)= $106.50*

                       * If the drawing is very detailed, the price may increase.


 c)- Extra character (in the same picture)= +$70

d)- Extra details= From $10

e)- If there are changes after the pic has been completed = from $10 (per each change made)

f)- If the client wishes the artwork as soon as possible (well before the regular delivery date)= +$20



-The pictures can have the following content:

-Hentai--> Heterosexual, Yuri (Lesbian).
-Cartoon porn


-Rare fetishes
-Realistic picture (sorry, but I just drawing anime style characters or cartoon)
-Detailed background

*Please do not insist.

**Customers can describe situations and poses in text or can give me the references (pics / photos) to realize the artworks.**



-The final work will be delivered across e-mail (with my signature). The formats of image can be .jpg or .png in high resolution, according to customer demands.


PAYMENT METHODS (in advance)

Paypal Stamp by artist4com ---> Is the primary payment method



1- How to commission me?

                    -Send me an e-mail to:

2- How long, my commission will be ready for delivery?

                    -The delivery time for each pic will be 19 days (depending on the complexity).

3- If I want my drawing is ready much before the regular delivery date (Half of the time of delivery.)?

                      -If the customer has urgency because his drawing is delivered as soon as                              possible, then he will have to pay an extra $20.

4- If I want total exclusivity on the work. Do I have to pay something extra?

                     -The exclusive rights have an extra charge of $15.

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